To The Conductor

Here's a common story: A large multi-level youth orchestra required their girls to buy Opening Night concert clothes. The girls complained that there was no way to adapt the style to reveal the midriff as is the trend with teens these days (although this would be too casual for concert dress.) Some of the parents suggested plain black pull-ons from a discount store. However..... when the girls were all dressed for their next event, everyone suddenly realized that the girls were now dressed up to the same level as the boys! They were not just "blending in"---they were not outdressed by the boys anymore. The whole group looked first class!

Our concert clothes are fully tailored of a rich fabric, with invisible zippers, pockets, shirring, and a rich braid on sleeves and seams.  And the conductor can welcome new members at any time and outfit them promptly, often overnight. This is the peace of mind that we offer the conductor--a fully professional look and our fast service.

Opening Night is a line of separates which mix and match. There is one formal top -- offered in 3 lengths -- short, mid-length, and tunic.There are 3 pant styles and 2 skirt styles. Select the best combination for your body type. This concert wear makes a beautiful presentation when worn by a large group or a very small one.

Due to our large stock, usual delivery is 3-4 days. We will overnight your selections when requested.

*In Stock means we keep a large inventory in all sizes and pre-hemmed lengths. You can welcome new members at any time and their outfit can be received immediately, including overnight.

*Open Stock means that the Opening Night concert dress line will continue to be available years into the future.